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Spin Studio Marketing and Design applies its highly creative and innovative experience in marketing, design, business management, product development, and more, to successfully deliver unparalleled results to both developers and companies within the Apple, mobile, and hi-tech industries, as well as assist clients with the creation, launch, and management of exciting new products. Spin Studio offers the following world-class services:


Strategic, viral, blend, Internet, and Guerrilla marketing

Business Development and Strategy Consultation

Packaging Design Consultation and Creation

Collateral and Asset Design and Creation

Ad Campaign Design and Creation

Presentation Design and Creation

Copywriting Services

Press Release Preparation and Distribution

Relationship Building and Networking

Merchandising Consultation and Preparation

Brand and Product Identity Design/Management

Product Planning

Website Design and Layout Consultation/Preparation

Go-to-Market Initiatives


Contact us for detailed information specific to your company and product needs.

"Upon launching Sustainable Group, we looked for a marketing and creative design firm to capture the expertise of our personnel and quickly build the reputation and awareness of our firm. Spin Studio did exactly that; we started securing contracts within two weeks of our launch thanks to Spin Studio's superb branding and marketing expertise."

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