About Spin Studio


Spin Studio Marketing and Design founder and CEO, Ed Prasek, is a former executive who spent 10 years with Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations organization, and was also an integral member of the team that conceived, built, and launched Motorola’s highly touted MOTODEV Developer Network for mobile developers. Ed is consistently recognized and called upon as a highly creative thinker, exceptional marketeer, sound business practitioner, and beautiful graphic designer.


Capable of not only developing and implementing workable out-of-the-box ideas, his keen marketing and  business savvy know-how, along with strong industry connections and relationships help bring Ed's creativity to fruition in the form of highly profitable programs and consistent revenue generation initiatives that play to the very way consumers think and shop.

"Spin Studio grasped our value proposition and turned it into something meaningful to Apple, and helped us reach, meet, and engage with the right people."

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